Your articles are so interesting that i can’t stop reading them. Every title catches my attention and sometimes i don’t even know where to start from.

Ha ha Peter I’m not a genius. But thanks.

Hi NicheHacks, Thanks for sharing this great blog. Looking for your next blog. First time on your site and I must say it is absolutely stunning.

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Brilliant, clean design with some absolutely rocking content. There are definitely some interesting points here (especially in the unusual product post) – the fact that you don’t actually require the ‘clicker’ to buy the product is a really unique twist – because of course, anything they buy under that cookie is accredited to that affiliate. Thinking outside the box indeed. I have bookmarked your excellent site for future reference.

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Cheers Stuart, keep up the great work! PS – I just Kingged this Hey Richard welcome to NicheHacks hope you stick around.

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Glad you’re enjoying the content there’s plenty more where that came from. Yeah the unusual product sites are different. Feature a lot of weird and overpriced products hardly anyone will buy and still make money.

Clever! Thanks for Kingging it. This is cool.

I really like the depth you guys go to with your reports/posts. For me personally, I have always found product review style sites to be the most effective. They might be not be the most effective in terms of building up a following or anything like that, but if your goal is “attract visitor –< visitor clicks aff. link -< buys product" then I think they are definitely the most efficient style of sites. Thanks Brian.

Glad you like it. Yeah product review sites work but they are too limiting IMO now. Hard to expand or grow and too reliant on Google. Wow. affiliate link the best affiliate programs to join I believe you have phd in niche research.

awesome amount of info. I am wondering how I missed visiting your website so far. will visit daily so that it will help me in making an affiliate website and earn money. regards vinodh Thanks Vinodh.

Hang around and enjoy. Hi Stuart, I Love Nichehacks! Below are my questions: 1. After Affiliate Blog, which other affiliate marketing model works best for Personal development Niche or Self-help Niche ? 2. What’s the Total startup cost? I have red your previous post on the stuffs you recommend e. g WPEngine, PLR content, ByOffers, Namechip etc. I still need the total cost for startups with 3month upfront expenses. 3. If your goal is to earn $1m within 6months, what will be your plan. 4. How much are you currently earning as an IM? 5. Are you the only one creating the content asides from outsourcing some to Elanse? Do you have a staff or partner? I’m very sorry for all this questions, just needs some answer. Hoping You can help in answering them. I have never ask or comment on any blog post before and I think it’s high time I start asking and comment on post. I really appreciate the great works here. Wish to here from you soon. 1. There’s no “best” it’s what works best for you. depends what you are suited to. A blog is a pretty good way for even the least technical, non marketer, type of person to make money. 2. There’s different levels of start up. If you were on a super tight budget most things can be done for free if you are willing to compromise on quality but if you want a good level of service and quality then much more – for example NicheHacks costs around $600-$800 a month to run. It can be done for less than $20 though I’m sure if you use cheap shared hosting, get a discount coupon for a domain, use a free autoresponder etc. 3. Well I would never have such an unrealistic goal as it will not happen in 6 months. Be realistic. If you work hard and smart and have a bit of luck you might make $10k within 6 months but I wouldn’t count on that either.